Tyler McCarthy Soccer Player

Tyler on the ball

Tyler McCarthy

Commitment Status: Committed

Country: United States

Gender: Male

GPA: 3.0

Height: 5'10"

Graduation Year: 2022


Club Team(s):

La Roca - Select a Division

Primary Position: Forward

Secondary Position: Attacking center mid

Tyler McCarthy 2022 grad highlights


Tyler McCarthy was one of the leading scorers for his Rangers 03 team and led the team in assists as one of the youngest players on the team playing a grade level up for them. Originally from California, after moving to Utah, Tyler made the 04 Premier 1 team and was killing it, so he got pulled up to the 03 team the last few years and rose to the top there as well. He has a powerful shot and can score from distance, he’s fast and athletic and can create scoring chances off the dribble.

In CA he was an ODP state team player and starter for Ajax East Bay soccer club. Tyler is quick and crafty with the ball and has a 35 to 40 yard throw in that creates a ton of scoring chances for his teammates anywhere in the attacking half. Academic wise, he has a current 3.0 GPA and wants to pursue a career path in the service industry, construction, design, or similar.