College Transfer Option


An affordable offer for six months to help college transfers find a school for less than half of our premium packages price while getting premium package service for our transfers.

Service Length: 5 Months

Film Analysis

We will evaluate your film and give you challenges and feedback from recent college coaches perspective on areas of your game to improve. We’ll go over each play of your highlight clips play by play and pick out the best ones for display and the order to put them in for good flow in the film. You’ll need to submit a highlight-film from the last 18 months that we can review together and make changes. If you don’t have a highlight film yet, we will instruct you on what skills college coaches need to see and ensure that the ones we select together are high quality for skill. You’ll have guidance and direction throughout the process. This is a good package for our Juniors or soon to be juniors in high school to select.

Processing Fee $14.97
Total Payable Amount $513.97
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