Sienna defending the dribble

Sienna Basso

Commitment Status: Uncommitted

Country: United States

Gender: Female

GPA: 4.1

Height: 5'4"

Graduation Year: 2025

Club Team(s):


Primary Position: Defensive center mid

Secondary Position: Outside back

Sienna Basso 2025 Dcmid/out def for SC Wave 07 NPL / E64 team. 4.1 GPA


Sienna Basso is the starting defensive center mid/out defender for her SC Wave 07 NPL/E64 club team. Sienna is a 2025 grad who loves soccer. She reads the game well, is a good passer that can chip the back line. She’s not afraid to head the ball and is good at distribution. 

Basso also thrives as an outside back and can transition up the field making attacking runs. Academically she is brilliant in the classroom and carries a 4.1 GPA. She is looking to pursue a degree field in either Business or Pre-med in college. 
To watch additional recent film on Sienna from this year, click this video link: