Megan dribbling

Megan Mills

Commitment Status: Committed

Country: United States

Gender: Female

GPA: 4.83

Height: 5'4"

Graduation Year: 2023

Club Team(s):

West Coast - Girls Academy

Primary Position: Defensive center mid

Secondary Position: Outside back

Megan Mills 2023 Girls Academy captain starting center mid


Megan Mills is a very skilled, well trained and well coached starter for the West Coast GA 05 team. She plays at Defensive mid and as an outside back for the team with the capacity to make attacking runs from both positions and create scoring chances for her team. Megan has pinpoint passing, she can pick a target out from 30 yards away and play a well-placed diagonal ball to them in stride over the top. She has a blast for a shot and scores frequently from 20 to 30 yards out. She is one of her team’s leading scorers even from the midfield and outside back and she is the team leader in assists. Megan has been her GA team captain for the past two years. She has a brilliant first touch to set up her next move and can distribute the ball all over the field for her team.

Megan hustles back on defense in the transition and wins her 1 vs 1 battles. She’s fast and athletic and would do well at a competitive D1 program or a good academic D3 school.  Her team were semifinalists for Surf Cup this year, they won the West Coast Classic at the U17 level, and she was a WCFC DA player until the league folded then her team joined the Girls Academy.  Fun facts about Megan, she also trains in Brazilian jiu jitsu and plays golf for her high school team. Megan has a 4.83 GPA, 4.0 unweighted and scored a 31 on her ACT. She wants an academic University and competitive team and plans to study in a STEM related field in college.

Here is more film on Megan and her team from summer of 2021.