Maya dribbling

Maya Sarhan

Commitment Status: Committed

Country: United States

Gender: Female

GPA: 4.93

Height: 5'7"

Graduation Year: 2024

Club Team(s):

West Coast - Girls Academy

Primary Position: Center back

Secondary Position: Outside back

Maya Sarhan 2024 Defender West Coast GA 06 Starter. 4.93 GPA


Maya Sarhan is a starter at every game for her West Coast GA 06 team. She is a speedy, strong, athletic cerebral defender who has good positioning, reads the game well, and tackles hard. Maya has good closing speed and good footwork. She plays every minute of each game for her team which finished 3rd in the nation in 2021 in the Girls Academy League.

Maya is a very versatile player. She plays center back and outside defender most often, but also can play defensive center mid. She has played on varsity since her freshman year in high school and plays full games for them as well. She is also a varsity team captain. She has good endurance, is a natural leader, and a strong communicator.

Academically, Maya is top 100 in her high school out of 2,600 students at a top 10 academic school in California. She has a 4.93 GPA and wants to pursue a pre-med degree at a very academic institution.

Her film from this winter: