Maximo outrunning the defense

Maximo Acuna

Commitment Status: Uncommitted

Country: United States

Gender: Male

GPA: 2.86

Height: 5'10"

Graduation Year: 2022 

Club Team(s):


Primary Position: Attacking center mid

Secondary Position: Forward

Maximo Acuna 2022 Center mid/Forward from La Roca Premier 03


Maximo Acuna is a creative attacking center mid and forward that plays for La Roca Premier 03 team as a starter and key player on the team. He is crafty with the ball taking players on, doing moves in tight spaces and dishing the ball out to teammates. He creates a lot of scoring chances for fellow teammates with his passes and through balls and gets into the attack to score himself as well. He has good vision and a good sense of the flow of the game as far as when to pull it back, where passes should go, and when and where good attacking options are.
He is 5’9 and 1/2, has a 2.86 GPA. He might qualify for some fafsa aid. Prior to La Roca he was a starter for the Rangers Premier 03 team in Utah, once most of the lads graduated from that team, he and a few teammates headed to La Roca this summer. 
He is open to playing anywhere in the country as long as it is a competitive program and affordable for him. His club team is coached by Kyle Woostenhulme, and Kyle’s cell is: 801-995-5489.