Gio with the ball

Gio Orozco

Commitment Status: Committed

Country: United States

Gender: Male

GPA: 3.0

Height: 5'8"

Graduation Year: 2023

Club Team(s):


Primary Position: Outside back

Secondary Position: Defensive center mid

Gio Orozco 2023 Cmid/Out defender La Roca Premier/ Utah Soccer Alliance


Giovanni Orozco graduated high school in 2022 and has been working a job and playing soccer for a men’s premier team called USA (Utah Soccer Alliance) this year. He is a dynamic crafty player with the ball who does great to get up the flanks and into the attack as a fullback for his team. Prior to joining USA, Gio was the starting center midfielder for La Roca Premiers team.

Gio is great on the ball. Creative, quick, good at distribution and connects his passes. He is very athletic with pace and can cover a lot of ground on defense and in the attack. He plays both positions in his film which is a compilation from the spring of his senior year throughout this fall. Originally Gio wasn’t looking to go away for college. He helped take care of family members and contribute. His mom wants him to pursue his goals so he is excited to pursue soccer in college now and wants to find a team for the fall of 2023 if not sooner. He is leaning towards pursuing a degree in business.