Fallon Anderson cracking a shot

Fallon Anderson

Commitment Status: Committed

Country: United States

Gender: Female

GPA: 3.75

Height: 5'7"

Graduation Year: 2022


Club Team(s):

Colorado Rush - Girls Academy

Primary Position: Outside back

Secondary Position: Center back

Fallon Anderson's Highlight video

College Team(s):



Fallon Anderson is a defender that is technically sound, smart on the ball, an exceptional distributor who tackles hard, wins her 1 vs 1 battles and has performed under pressure in big games. She’s 5’7, and primarily plays Center back or left back for her Colorado Rush GA team. Her team finished 2nd in the nation for the Development Academy in 2018/2019 and have been top 25 in the nation the last 3 years. Fallon has been a starter all of those years and is currently ranked nationally as the 119th best player out of the IMG top 150 players list for her class. I watched her team play in the GA tournament in Florida this April, and her team destroyed their opponents. Out possessed, out played them from start to finish in the two games I watched. They threw her up into the midfield where she can play the six, for much of it just to get her some action as teams weren’t able to attack much against them. 
Fallon is superb at moving the ball and connecting passes to second and third tier targets. She switches the field well and can play a diagonal ball on point at distance. She’s strong in the air with headers and has a cannon for a leg for shots and driven balls. She’s had some D-1 offers already but is looking for the right fit athletically and academically. She’s aiming to narrow her focus down to her top 3 in the next month. 

Academically Fallon has a 3.75 GPA, she just took her test and should get the result back soon.