Erin getting into the attack

Erin Denney

Commitment Status: Committed

Country: United States

Gender: Female

GPA: 4.68

Height: 5'4"

Graduation Year: 2022

Club Team(s):

West Coast - DPL

Primary Position: Attacking center mid

Secondary Position: Forward

Erin Denney 2022 attacking center mid and forward West Coast FC


Erin Denney is an athletic, intelligent, and creative player with the ball who is a versatile midfielder and forward. She prefers the withdrawn forward position/ acmid but has the fitness and pace to succeed up top and on the flanks. Erin is quality at reading the game and knowing when to charge hard into the open space, when to pass, shoot, or slow it down and switch the ball. She has a good boot for shots and can create opportunities off the dribble. Erin is cheeky with her passing at times as well with the ability to chip defenders on the fly. She plays for the top ranked West Coast DPL 04 team that went 22-2-4 this year. She also plays for the Orange County USL team that just won the Florida tourney this May going 4-0 to finish with the title. 

Erin was honored as the top striker award for her team a year ago. Whether she plays in the midfield or up top, she’s dangerous with a ball. Her DPL team used to be the San Diego Strikers club, and her team that was top 4 in all of SoCal and made nationals in 2019, they merged with WCFC and were slotted to play at the DPL spot since they already had a GA team. This team has beaten 4 out of the past 5 ECNL teams they’ve played in tournament play and friendlies. Erin is a superb student posting a 4.68 weighted GPA, and wants to pursue a degree in the biology or science fields. She scored a 1210 SAT on her first attempt and is retaking it in August. Erin is open to going to college anywhere in the country as long as the school and team is the right fit.