Callie going up for the ball in a crowd

Callie Droitsch

Commitment Status: Committed

Country: United States

Gender: Female

GPA: 3.87

Height: 5'8"

Graduation Year: 2022

Club Team(s):

La Roca - ECNL

Primary Position: Goalkeeper

Secondary Position: Goalkeeper

Callie Droitsch 2022 GK La Roca ECNL


Callie Droitsch has been the starting goalkeeper for La Roca’s DA/ECNL 01/02 team playing up one full year as a starter for the past four years. Now that everyone from that team is graduating and moving on, she’s finally playing at her own age group this year and is the starter for the 03 team now. Her full name is Callahan Droitsch, she’s 5’8 and makes some brilliant game saving saves for her team. There’s an additional highlight film link below, one from the DA championships a few years ago with all her touches from her teams big win.

Callie has a big booming leg for punts sending them 10 to 15 yards past the half regularly, and goal kicks to the midline or just short of it. She has been taught to look for possession opportunities and quick restarts whenever possible so you can see her getting her team into the transition and counter attack frequently after saves. She has solid hands, catches it cleanly, and is dominant in the air including going up to win it in a crowd. Good positioning, footwork and 1 vs 1 technique and can get to the lowballs too for shots to the side. She has been doing weekly keeper training with Wasatch Goalkeeper Academy for 8 years now and is technically sound. She has trained in the weight room adding strength this year and does agility training. Maybe her best quality though is her communication skills. She’s been a leader for every team she’s been a part of and instructs and assists her defense vocally all throughout the game.

Her high school team in Utah won the State Championship this past year at Olympus High, Callie was 1st Team All-State as well as being named the GK MVP. Academically, she has a 3.87 GPA and got a 22 on her ACT test.

This link below is highlights of the DA Cup Finals game in Florida, so a great match that La Roca won 2-1 showing her play.

The other film link is a more traditional highlight film from a variety of games.