Berlyn Dibble Soccer Player La Roca

Berlyn on the ball

Berlyn Dibble

Commitment Status: Committed

Country: United States

Gender: Female

GPA: 3.5

Height: 5'10"

Graduation Year: 2022

Club Team(s):

La Roca - ECNL

Primary Position: Defensive center mid

Secondary Position: Attacking center mid

Berlyn Dibble soccer highlights


Berlyn Dibble is a dominant center midfielder, a four year starter for La Roca DA program, now ECNL who has been the team captain the past two years. She is 5’10 with a commanding presence in the midfield who can attack with speed off the dribble, distribute to deep targets accurately, and regularly continues her runs to set up scoring opportunities from combination play. She is a strong and physical defender in the midfield and reads the game extremely well to jump passes and to win her 1 vs 1 battles.
Berlyn started 45 out of 51 games at the DA level the past 3 years for a very competitive La Roca team and continues to be an impactful player and two year team captain for them now that they have joined the ECNL league. She primarily plays at the six position, but also gets into the attack regularly and has shown well while occasionally playing an attacking cmid role. Her La Roca team was state cup champions in 2016, and she was one of 16 players invited to the US Soccer midwest combine later that year. She has been an ODP State region 4 player 2014-2017 and a region camp member. She just de-committed from her scholarship to play for University of Memphis and is looking for the right fit. 
In high school she was a first team All-Conference and First Team All-State player scoring 10 goals while contributing 16 assists as a defensive center mid for Rowland Hall. RH went on to win the state championship for high school in 2020 with Berlyn leading the way as the team’s captain. Distribution is her strength. She is a playmaker who can control the midfield both offensively and defensively. She also takes a large amount of her team’s set pieces. GPA is 3.5 currently.