Allie brining the ball down ninja-ess ish

Allie Buchmann

Commitment Status: Committed

Country: United States

Gender: Female

GPA: 4.7

Height: 5'7"

Graduation Year: 2022

Club Team(s):

West Coast - GA

Primary Position: Attacking center mid

Secondary Position: Defensive center mid

Allie Buchmann 2022 cmid/ fwd highlight video


Allie Buchmann is a dynamic player and team captain for a talented West Coast FC’s DPL team and guest plays with the GA team.  She is superb at possessing and distributing the ball. She has a great first touch, can post up in the midfield and turn under pressure, keeps her runs going to get into the attack after passes. She reads the flow of the game at a high level and understands when to speed things up, or when to pull it back and try another point of attack. Defensively, she jumps passes and breaks them up and makes the most of loose ball opportunities to pounce on them and create scoring chances in the counter attack. She also plays for the Orange County USL team as a dual rostered player, and played for the West Coast GA team this summer in some games and tournaments.

Allie has the finesse and vision to be able to play lofted balls over the top or chip passes down to a teammates on-rushing foot. She has a powerful leg as well for shots and has good endurance to transition and get involved in plays upfield. She’s consistently solid in her play, and reliable for her team, thus why she was voted as one of their team captains.

Off the field, she carries a 4.79 weighted GPA, she’s taking her aptitude tests this June, and wants to pursue a degree in pre-med or bio engineering. Great attitude and leader, coachable, committed, hard working athlete. She’d make a great teammate and addition for most mid major D1 programs.

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